P-20 Institute for Minority Research & Innovation

Welcome to the P-20 Institute for Minority Research & Innovation homepage. We are excited to launch this much-needed and first-and-only-of-its-kind, not-for-profit organization. At the P-20 Institute, we rely on education-driven civic and business engagement to promote research-based promising and best practices for minority students achievement — from preschool through graduate studies. We are also committed to providing both direct and indirect support to researchers who specialize in minority education issues.

We offer a unique approach to building a network of support for the work we perform on behalf of our clients:

  • P-20 staff is comprised of minority education advocacy professionals with decades of combined experience in coalition building, stakeholder development and community engagement.
  • We enlist an extensive network of nationally recognized scholars in Texas and beyond to create, analyze and/or interpret best and promising practices to address minority academic preparedness, participation, retention and success from preschool through graduate studies.
  • Our research-based initiatives rely on widely accepted principles and practices that have been metrically proven to positively advance efforts to increase academic performance for students of color in secondary and postsecondary environments.
  • The P-20 Institute also offers the unique advantage of a partnering full-service Public Relations and Communications division as well as the Texas Higher Education Journal, a monthly online resource for education practitioners throughout Texas, to supplement our education consultancy services.
  • Communications and Public Relations expertise helps us to plan and to execute training and engagement events with the highest level of proficiency. And, with the Texas Higher Education Journal as a tool, we are able to support minority success improvement efforts on behalf our clients through reinforced messaging activities that reach thousands of readers around the state and the United States each month.
  • The P-20 Institute senior leadership has forged a reputation of commitment and success in minority student advocacy at the highest levels of federal, state and local government as well as with the corporate, business and civic stakeholders.

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